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"Let us assist you"

Assisting the People
of Florida since 1997

ASAP DIVORCE INC. is a court document preparation company designed for the person who wishes to represent him or herself in court proceedings.

ASAP DIVORCE INC. will be able to assist you with all the documents that you will need to make your quest through the court system as simple as possible.

ASAP DIVORCE INC. can provide you with all the documentation and information to make yourself representation as easy as possible, but we are not lawyers. Legal advice is for lawyers, ASAP DIVORCE INC. is a court documents preparation service. We cannot by law tell you what your rights or remedies are but we can prepare all your required court documents.

The Sixth Ammendment of the United States Constitution states it is a persons right to represent themselves as their own attorney in a court of law whether it be divorce, adoption, change of name, modification of child support, bankruptcy and/or any other family matter, even criminal charges. So the myth that a lawyer is required is just that, a myth. You can do it yourself, and ASAP DIVORCE INC. can assist you in your court document preparation.

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