Affordable Court Document Services

Our Goals

Our goal is simple, stress free, affordable court form preparation.

Divorce and other court proceedings are very important decisions in your life. To represent yourself and articulate your agenda in court is hard enough. When it comes to your documentation, there is no real room for error. That is where ASAP DIVORCE INC. can assist you in making sure you are properly prepared with all the documents you need and that they are properly prepared.

ASAP DIVORCE INC. is a court document preparation company not court forms service. There are no fill in the blank forms, we prepare your documents for you. We will actually prepare all your court documentation to your personal needs. There is nothing for you to figure out, like which documents do you need and what to do with them. We guide you through the court process, with all the proper documents you will need in hand, making your self-representation as easy and painless as possible.

Depending on your personal situation, all of your court documentation is prepared for you by simply filling out a questionnaire; the documentation is then given to you for your signature. From there, all you do is submit the documentation to your county Court, pay the filing fee (which is different for every county). Once filed, you will receive a notice in the mail of your hearing date, which you may or may not have to attend depending on the particular county in which you live. The court process does not have to be thought of as an impossible task anymore, call or email to speak with an ASAP DIVORCE INC. representative today.